Undredal stave church

Truly amazing place to visit;

Undredal stave church, built 1147

Cheeses in Undredal

This tiny village is known for its untouched nature, traditional goat cheese production. White and brown cheeses.

Goats in the valley

About 350 free-roaming goats inhabit the fjord-side slopes of the village, and provide milk for the production of our famous goat cheese.

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Undredal - in the heart of UNESCO World Heritage Area

a truly memorable and enchanting place!

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The West Norwegian Fjords

Fjords are among the most dramatic and spectacular landscapes on the planet. The World Heritage Area, the West Norwegian Fjords, embraces some of the longest, deepest, narrowest and most beautiful fjords in the world. Their scenery and cultural heritage have spellbound visitors down the ages.

Many people consider the fjords the very symbol of Norway, the foremost nation of fjords in the world. It is through no mere chance that the Norwegian word "fjord" has entered the international vocabulary.

The World Heritage Area comprises two sub-areas, Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord.

In Undredal about 350 free-roaming goats inhabit the fjord-side slopes of the village, and provide milk for the production of our famous goat cheese.

There are only 66 inhabitants in Undredal, and we are all very proud of our history and traditions. Explore Undredal is able to offer you help, using our total experience, local knowledge and myths about area, like hiking from fjord to mountains. Easy trails offers spectacular views. Needless to say, Undredal is a peaceful village.

Needed to visit

Undredal Stave Church

Undredal stave church (1147) got near 900 years of history. In the beginning it was a black tiny catholic church, approximately 1/3 of the size today. This church inspired Disney's "Frozen".

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Undredal Café

Undredal Fjord Café

Lunch, dinner, kayaks, camping, rooms and a center for our tradisions in Undredal

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Local Grocery

Monday - Saturday 10-17

Buy Undredal cheeses, white and brown, in this grocery,

An oldfashion groceryshop with local food, coffee and groceries.

Welcome in!


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Village Walk

Undredal center, were houses built so close together. Our infrastructure are shaped by the river and mountain slopes.

Theres a lot of places to get a great view

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«Heritage Taste FjordSafari»

"Heritage Taste FjordSafari" with stop in Undredal village for lemonade and a local goat cheese tasting.

Flåm - Gudvangen - Flåm

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Hjødna view

Short of time? We got a viewpoint nearby our center. Superb site for pictures and make memories of norwegian landscape.



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Undredal by Winter and Summer



The sound of nature is all around you in Undredal, waterfalls and rivers running, birds singing and chances are you will meet goats on your way! Make sure to watch the milkmaid making fresh cheese, and you won’t regret tasting it!

A big part of Norwegian folklore is the trolls, and their natural habitat is the mountains. Fortunately they only come out at night as they turn to stone in bright sunlight, so be aware after dark!

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